Discover the transformative quality of glass through glass bead making and glass fusing.  Create you own works of art in an open and well-appointed studio.  Transformation Glass is a teaching studio for individuals desiring to study and work with glass.

The intense heat of a torch flame and the measured heat of a kiln transforms glass into an ever-changing molten material.

Glass beads are made by winding glass rods that have been heated to molten in a torch flame around a steel mandrel.

Glass fusing uses the measured heat of a kiln to melt together layers of glass sheet.

Bead Making Playshop
IBring yourself and a few of your friends for a two-hour playshop in glass bead making.  Students will learn the very basics of bead making in this “put your toe in” class.  Several beads will be made during class and students will get the idea of working with torch flame.  Class minimum is four persons.  Cost - $25.00 for the two hour class including instruction, glass, gases and use of tools.  Beads will be ready for pick up within two days after the playshop.

Call the studio at 828/280-3944 to book a playshop.