The fusing of glass sheet through the careful application of heat is fun, interesting and challenging.  Glass sheet is cut and arranged to create patterns, pictures, textures and shapes.  Metal leaf and foil and other special materials can be sandwiched between layers of glass sheet.  These pieces are then carefully fired in a kiln.  Sometimes a second firing (called slumping) is required in order to form bowls, dishes, barrettes and other three dimensional works of art.

At Transformation Glass, the artist in you creates the work of art.  We will assist with basic instruction and advice and then let you do the designing.  We do the firing (and the second one if needed) for you.  Projects will be fired and ready for pick-up within a week.

Private Parties
Bring your next birthday party, Girl's Night Out, scout meeting, bridal shower and board meeting to Transformation Glass.  We will provide the technical support and design assistance as needed.  You may bring food and refreshments or we can suggests several great places to deliver a delicious spread. 

Please call the studio to book your date and determine projects and pricing.